Finally, A Scalable, Long-Duration
Green Energy Storage Solution

The Problem &
Our Game-Changing Solution

A major limitation currently faced by the energy industry is the inability to store large amounts of energy.

Pumped Hydro-Storage (PHS) can store energy for days or weeks, but requires a very large land footprint. Since most of the ideal locations for PHS are already taken, it is very difficult and expensive to develop new sites.

Batteries can only store 4-6 hours of energy, are expensive, have a limited lifespan, and are environmentally hazardous to produce and recycle.

Our LVM System can solve all these problems!


Currently Identified Applications

Currently Identified Applications For The LVM Technology


How It Works?

Phase 1

A windmill or solar panel farm (could be miles away) sends excess electricity to a water pump. The water pump sends water from the low-pressure tank to the LVM-tank. Inside the LVM-tank is a bladder filled with a mixture of liquid and vapor nitrous oxide (the LVM Mixture) which changes phase from vapor to liquid as water is pumped into the LVM tank. The pressure inside the LVM tanks remains constant at 750 psi.


Phase 2

When electricity is needed the water is allowed to drain from the LVM-tank to the low-pressure tank but has to pass thru a turbine which generates electricity. The nitrous oxide in the bladder changes back to a vapor as the water in the tank is drained. The pressure in the tank remains at 750 psi so all the water can be drained at that same pressure. This is a major difference from systems that use compressed air.


Phase 3

Since the 2 tanks are a closed loop the water can be re-cycled countless times.