Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you in the development of application​s using this unique ​technology that appears to revolutionize ​green energy storage and production?

We ​have identified, and are approaching​, potential partners to assist in a demonstration involving ​key elements of the technology-- ​large pressurized tanks and strong bladders.

How confident are you that this new technology will function as described?

We are very confident, especially recognizing that there were 2 recent ​supporting studies out of Oak Ridge National Laboratories.  One looked at using compressed air to pressurize water in pressure vessels.  The other looked at using a liquid-vapor mixture instead of compressed air.  This second study clearly describe​d the benefits of using a liquid vapor mixture over compressed air,​ although our patented approach takes the technology to an even more promising level.  ​We are confident that this is a revolutionary, game-changer. 

Do the storage tanks need to be near the source of the renewable power in order to work?

No, ​this is a distinct advantage of our LVM technology.

Are you seeking funding at this time?

Not now, but at some time we will evaluate our ​funding needs and go-to-market strategy, which may include licensing, manufacturing, etc. We are documenting the names of interested parties worldwide, ​with the intent of prioritizing/selecting those who will assist on a demonstration followed quickly by a roll-out to the energy storage industry.

Your web site identifies three areas where the technology could be applied—storage related to renewable energy, municipal water, and buildings. Are there others?

Yes, we believe there are opportunities in other industries and will be exploring them in parallel paths.

Are you considering international markets?

Yes, ​in preparation for these markets  additional patents have been filed to expand IP coverage, and a PCT application was recently filed in anticipation of seeking international protection ​Global reach is an important factor in our evaluation of partners.

How do we become a strategic partner with you in accelerating the application of this seemingly game-changing technology?

Send us an email describing your interest, expertise, ​global reach and contact information​. ​Partners need to appreciate that we are proceeding with a core value of "deliberate speed," meaning we hope to bring this to the worldwide energy storage market quickly.

Would availability of this technology have mitigated the impact of recent weather-related impact of energy availability in Texas?

Yes. While the maximum storage life for batteries, the conventional green energy storage solution, is four to six hours of electricity, LVM Technology can be scaled to provide energy for days or weeks and is limited only by the size and number of tanks.