Press Releases


Patent Approval

January 26, 2021

St. Petersburg, FL (January 26, 2021) Today the U.S. Patent Office granted a patent to Ramses and Jeremy Nashed, founders of LVM Technology LLC. The patent covers a revolutionary scalable, efficient constant- pressure system utilizing a liquid-vapor mixture to maintain pressure in renewable energy storage tanks. While typically, pressure is maintained using compressed air, the LVM system uses gases such as nitrous oxide. The patented system dramatically improves/obsoletes the existing PHS technology and enables lower-cost, efficient storage of green energy that is no-longer limited to location. See Patent #10900206. Other follow-on CIP patents are in process as is a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application that provides 18 months of international IP protection.

The start-up is currently seeking reputable partners who can assist in rapid deployment of the technology.


Breakthrough in Scalable Green Energy Storage

Match 1, 2021

St. Petersburg, FL (March 1, 2021) When the wind does not blow or the sun does not shine, the renewable, green energy industry needs efficient, scalable, and effective long-term energy storage. This need was demonstrated by recent power issues in Texas and elsewhere where windmills and solar panels were incapacitated by the weather causing devastating power outages. Battery-based storage typically lasts for 4 to 6 hours.

A Florida-based start-up, LVM Technology LLC, is confident it has developed and patented a unique longer-term energy storage solution. A patent, recently granted to Ramses and Jeremy Nashed, founders of LVM Technology LLC, covers an innovative pumped-hydro system utilizing a liquid-vapor mixture to maintain constant pressure in renewable energy storage tanks. Typically, compressed air is used to store energy in the form of pressure, but the pressure varies as fluid is dispensed. The potentially game-changing technology uses a liquid-vapor mixture (LVM) instead of air to maintain constant pressure as the stored liquid is dispensed.

“This new liquid-vapor combination system will revolutionize renewable energy storage as it enables environmentally safe, efficient, scalable energy storage and distribution regardless of location,” said co-founder Ramses Nashed, MD. “This will be a game-changer,” indicates Jeremy Nashed, a co-founder of the company, “and there are potential applications beyond energy storage such as constant high-pressure water distribution for high-rise buildings or municipalities, aero-space, residential, etc.”

“We are currently seeking partners in various industries to help demonstrate this new technology in advance of rapidly implementing it,” reports Charles James, the company’s COO. “To express interest and learn more, visit our web site at”